“Thank You. It was a pleasure staying here and the management has been very nice and reasonable. Good Luck and take care - so long!”

– Shamas B. – 8/26/18 – Email to Leasing Office  


“We have lived in this building for 5 years and absolutely love it here. We like this complex for its management, neighborhood, safety, etc..”

– Nadine T. – 7/27/18 – Email to Leasing Office  

“We really like living here, this area is very convenient for us. The Apartments are beautiful and clean.”

– Andi & Aridai C. – 7/27/18 – Note to Leasing Office  

“We thank you for a great year living at Dorchester Apartments, we have really loved the area, the staff and our apartment.”

– Catherine Z. – 7/26/18 – Email to Leasing Office 

"Dear Mike, thank you so much for the awesome job you do as landlords. It's been a joy to live in your complex. It was also so nice to know how readily you addressed my concerns and questions (even when they were silly). We couldn't have asked for a more responsive or more caring landlord.

We would like to thank to Angelique, she always did an awesome job to make our stay comfortable. We’d like to pronounce some other names as well, Jimmy, Newell and Edwardo are really awesome guys. Overall your team is fabulous. We really loved the amenities and pool facilities. Definitely, we will miss the pool during the summer time. Your hard-working team kept the property very clean and peaceful to make our stay awesome.

Renting from Dorchester Apartments gave me the opportunity to live in one of Arlington's nicest neighborhoods. You guys treated me like a friend and were always a pleasure to deal with. You guys were extremely receptive whenever I needed help with anything involving the apartment. We would recommend Dorchester Apartments to anyone who loves quality life with reasonable cost."

– MD Ashiquzzaman. – 5/1/2018 – Note to Leasing Office

“Mr. Michael, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and all your staff for the pleasant stay I've had at the Dorchester apartment. You have been the best landlord to me and my family. You always make sure that we got the best services and we did. We were very comfortable, and we can't thank you enough.”

– Meskerem A. – 4/30/18 – Note to Leasing Office  

“I've enjoyed the nearly 5 years that the Dorchester Apartments was my home.”

– Justin I. – 4/26/18 – Email to Leasing Office  

“Thank you for your generosity and outstanding service.”

– MD Mazharul I. – 4/5/2018 – Note to Leasing Office

“Your community has been wonderful and I will continue recommending it to friends and colleagues; thank you to you and your staff for everything you do.”

– Lauren M. – 4/1/2018 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I wanted to drop you a note and want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent sevice you provided to us.”

– Tom & Bo. – 2/13/2018 – Note to Leasing Office

“Thank you for an amazing 5 years”

– Jeffery F. – 12/31/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I’d like to thank you and your team. I appreciate all of the care and attention you have all displayed in the course of my time here at Dorchester.”

– Nick M. – 11/21/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“We’ve been living here for 6 years and it’s really like home. Thank you all for being so awesome! The good memories from Dorchester Apartments will always be with us!”

– Nan A. & Xiao H. – 10/30/2017 – Note to Leasing Office

“Thank you for providing us a lovely first apartment experience! We have enjoyed it immensely!”

– Abigail C. – 8/30/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I have really enjoyed living in the complex and will continue to suggest it to people looking for an apartment. Thank you for good service all these years. The staff is gracious and helpful. :-)”

– Catherine W. – 6/30/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Thank you for all of your help and the opportunity to live in a nice community.”

– Michelle S. – 5/1/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I will definitely miss my little apartment. The building and property were always very well maintained, and I appreciate how responsive the management has been whenever I’ve had an issue. I certainly hope the next lucky person to live in my apartment takes good care of it.”

– Heather W. – 5/28/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I appreciate the professionalism, flexibility and consistent attentiveness of your management team during my 3 years living here and wish you all nothing but the best in your future endeavors.”

– Leonard S. – 1/27/2017 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“We have really enjoyed our time living in Dorchester and appreciate the great service the office and maintenance staff have provided.”

– Kenzie & Maxim T. – 12/27/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“We have loved our time here at Dorchester Apartments and will be sure to write a great review!”

– Brittany L. – 11/15/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Michael, I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for all the help you’ve given me while I’ve been here at Dorchester. I’ve really enjoyed being here and getting to know you and your staff. All the best!”

– Rock F. – 11/1/2016 – Note to Leasing Office

“I have enjoyed being a part of the Dorchester family of residents. Thank you.”

– Joseph M. – 8/1/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Since we moved-in in 2013 we have been more than satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the management; the quality of the maintenance, and the welcoming and supportive team you have built to represent the property.”

– Tsvetelina M. – 8/1/2016 – Note to Leasing Office

“Thank you for your wonderful service at this community.”

– Ryan & Debbie C. – 7/29/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“It’s been an absolute pleasure living at Dorchester Apartments for the past year and a half. I am sorry to have to cut my sojourn short. Thank you for always being so attentive and helpful during my time here.”

– Regina T. – 5/31/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Dear Michael & Dorchester team, I’d like to thank you for all your great work to make my stay here enjoyable. Thank you so much!!”

– Chie T. – 7/6/2016 – Note to Leasing Office

“Once again, we are glad to have made our first home in Virginia at the Dorchester Apartments and have and will continue to recommend Dorchester to anyone who is looking for a nice place to live.”

– David G. & Yvonne B. – 1/22/2016 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Dearest Michael, Cynthia & Dorchester team, you are extraordinary. Thank you for all of the kindness and extraordinary service you’ve provided me as a resident for the past year. After 6 years in Arlington, this was by far THE BEST and that was attributed to all of you. You will be missed. Thank you. I am grateful.”

– Dania M. – 12/2/2015 – Note to Leasing Office

“The Dorchester has been a wonderful place to live over the years; thank you to you and your staff.”

– Maryanne H. – 12/1/2015 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Thank you so much for your generous food donation to AFAC just in time for the holidays. While we are saddened that so many here in Arlington need our help to eat and be healthy, we are thankful that so many kind heroes like you and your residents are willing to respond in support of the most fragile in our community.”

– Lily D. – 11/11/2015 – Thank you note from Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the past 4 and a half years. It has been a pleasure living at Dorchester. We will miss it!”

– Kara, AJ & Mason D. – 11/2/2015 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“I’ve really enjoyed living at Dorchester Apartments and working with you and your team, all of whom have been extraordinary. Thanks so much”

– Dania M. – 10/7/2015 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“Michael – Thank you and the rest of the team for making Dorchester a wonderful home for 7 years. We are grateful and will miss you all. Thanks!”

– Alan & Stefanie H. – 9/16/2015 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“You and your staff have been fantastic… we’ve loved our time at Dorchester.”

– Matt S. – 9/1/2015 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your professionalism and understanding. The responsiveness of your office and staff is one of the main reasons I decided to move to Dorchester Apartments. I am also very impressed with the speed of the repairs. Please let the repairmen know how thankful I am for their hard work.”

– Regina T. – 6/26/2015 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“I’d like to mention that we’ve enjoyed living here and feel positively about Dorchester and the people who work here. I plan to leave a good review for Dorchester online. Many thanks!”

– Elizebeth T. – 4/15/2015 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“The dedication, expertise and fortitude by which Dorchester is managed actually compelled me to call it home for the last twenty three years.”

– LaVeria B. – 3/15/2015 – Excerpt from vacate notice

“I have never had such great management! Thank you so much for your services. You guys are wonderful!”

– Shawn F. – 4/16/2015 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“I want to put on note appreciation of your hardwork for maintaining ‘our Dorchester Apartment’ clean and well. I always feel proud when my peers / friends and family visit us and always appreciate cleanliness of our apartment building. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity of feeling proud of our home.”

“Once again, I highly appreciate your continuous coordination and efforts to make Dorchester a best choice to live.”

“I highly appreciate your courtesy and kindness. My stay in Dorchester was indeed very peaceful and smooth and I am sure our ways come across one day again. Thank you so much and keep rocking!!!!!”

– Muhammad I. – 3/1/2015, 4/1/2015 & 10/27/15 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“The apartments are the best I have lived in and everything is very well maintained. You have all been extremely helpful and professional. We are very happy here and again thank you…”

– Hal W. – 2/25/2015 – Correspondence with Leasing Office

“We are extremely pleased to have called Dorchester Apartments our home for a number of years. Thank you for making it a pleasant place to live.”

– Anastasia V. & Lauren W. – 1/15/2015 – Excerpt from vacate notice